Member of Harbin CPPCC: In-depth development of blockchain technology to provide new momentum for Harbin's economic and social development

According to the Northeast Net News, at the Fourth Session of the 13th Committee of the CPPCC Harbin, CPPCC member Liu Renhui said that the blockchain technology should be highly valued and developed in depth to provide new momentum for the economic and social development of Harbin. Liu Renhui suggested that it can be applied in the fields of financial innovation, open government affairs, property rights registration, and collaborative governance based on the blockchain data sharing mechanism. For example, create a government data sharing platform based on blockchain technology, with public security, industry and commerce, social security, civil affairs and other government departments as management nodes, each node based on the principle of equal rights and co-construction, forming a huge government affairs alliance chain network. Each department uploads data synchronously with digital signatures to verify the authenticity of the data upload identity and improve data sharing and acceptance. All data upload, query and use will be recorded. The ownership and use rights of the data are clearly defined, which facilitates the circulation and sharing of data between different departments. Blockchain-based data governance can be widely used in the fields of government major project supervision, food and drug anti-counterfeiting traceability, electronic bills, auditing, and public service undertakings.