Du Zhihuan, member of Jinchang CPPCC: Accelerating the application of fintech in supply chain finance with the help of technologies such as blockchain

According to Jinchang Daily News, on January 18, the fifth plenary session of the eighth session of the eighth session of the Jinchang CPPCC held its second plenary session. CPPCC member Du Zhihuan believes that the establishment and implementation of local supply chain financial policies and regulations should be accelerated, financial institutions should be encouraged to innovate supply chain financial products, establish supply chain financial development funds, and support regional supply chain financial development. Increase support for receivables financing service platforms. Taking advantage of the opportunity to establish a "Zijin Cloud" big data center in our city, we will promote the construction of our city's information sharing platform. With the help of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, we will do a good job in local platforms and national supply chain financial service platforms Organic docking to accelerate the application of fintech in supply chain finance.