Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Strengthen the investment in research and development of new technologies such as blockchain to enhance the industry's future-oriented competitiveness

According to People's Daily News, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently released the "2019 China Electronic Information Manufacturing Comprehensive Development Index Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). "Report" pointed out that China's electronics and information manufacturing industry has made significant progress in industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation and achievement, the industry is transforming from large-scale development to high-quality development, and independent industries are facing rare development opportunities. Aiming at the problems in the development of the industry, it is recommended to strengthen basic research and industrialization R & D investment, strengthen the sustainability and stability of research investment in key basic technologies such as materials, establish a collaborative research and development mechanism for the upstream and downstream industry chains, accelerate the transformation of scientific research results, and strengthen 5G , Industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, flexible electronics and other new technologies, new products, and new platform R & D investment to enhance the industry's future-oriented competitiveness.