Ethereum 2.0 testnet verifier reaches 22,000, V said that ETH pledge rate may reach 6%

According to Bitcoinist, the Ethereum 2.0 single-client testnet has been running for several weeks, and Prysmatic Labs client developer Preston van Loon said that at present, more than 22,000 validators on the Ethereum 2.0 testnet have participated in the operation. He said that with a total of 70 nodes, the testnet has achieved great results, which also shows that people are interested in the launch of the Ethereum testnet. Prysmatic Labs also called on hackers to try to use the network while testing it. According to V's estimation, the switch to staking mode may lock about 10 million ETH. The annual inflation rate of ETH will rise slightly, and the annual interest rate may reach about 6%. Mortgage ETH rewards are variable, the more ETH is mortgaged, the less reward is allocated proportionally. This method can prevent the giant whale from taking away most of the rewards while having excessive influence.