Baidu Super Chain achieves 100 million advertising data on the chain through lightweight nodes

Babbitt, Baidu Super Chain and Baidu Juping have proposed a new method, "Relying on Chains", by installing a specially customized software package (SDK) for offline screens, giving the screens a special ability (Baidu's original lightweight (Level node, LCV), making the screen a trusted data producer. Based on the tamper-resistant and traceable features of blockchain technology, it uploads, stores, and stores data such as advertisement play time and frequency in real time, and synchronizes the platform. , Customers, etc., to achieve "end-chain connection", eliminating manual intervention. In addition, it is supplemented with artificial intelligence technology, such as precise face orientation, to enhance the value of the screen, create a secure and true data closed loop, provide advertisers with a more reliable delivery experience, and promote the transformation of traditional offline marketing. This is the first case of monitoring and broadcasting of blockchain advertising in China. As of now, 80,000 devices and 100 million of advertising data have been uploaded to the country.