Analysis: Russia's new Prime Minister may pave the way for Bitcoin adoption in Russia

On January 18, The Merkle published an article stating that under the leadership of Russia's new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the future of the country's cryptocurrency remains to be seen. So far, he seems to have some interesting points. In fact, he is a supporter of digitization, and it is best to digitize as soon as possible. While this may sound very promising, it does not necessarily bode well for cryptocurrencies. More specifically, Russian officials will undoubtedly remain divided on this particular topic. There is still a great lack of regulation of digital assets, resulting in a very uncomfortable situation. It is still difficult to say exactly what changes the new Russian government plans to propose. Mishustin has the necessary expertise to make something positive happen in the cryptocurrency industry. His previous role as head of the Federal Revenue Service enabled him to advance a major digital effort. He also has an IT professional background that should make it easier to understand the technology that is driving cryptocurrencies today. Russia has ushered in an interesting era, although no one really knows how the situation will develop. According to previous reports, Mikhail Mishustin pointed to some key priorities of his work and outlined the need for Russia's institutional reforms. Mishustin said the country should implement modern information technology, including the development of a national digital economy plan. It is reported that major Russian companies, including some companies in which the state holds significant shares, have begun testing and applying blockchain technology to all aspects of their operations.