Brave is forked, BAT is abandoned, this new browser is going to do things with Lightning Network

Gab, a social media advocating absolute freedom of expression, is always looking for creative ways to resist silence.

This platform can even tolerate the most annoying remarks and has earned a good reputation.


Gab has just removed its plugin Dissenter from the plugin library for Google and Mozilla. Today, Gab has kept the criticism of "doing your own things if you don't like it." Gab CEO Andrew Torba said the company has created its own web browser, a forked version of the open source browser Brave , and will be released in the coming weeks.

However, Brave CEO and co-founder Brendan Eich are not optimistic about this:

What kind of parasites will fork an open source browser so that those who can bypass the stupid AppStore ban use an extension? Brave is for those who dare to regain control of the data, and those who want a separate commenting system can use Dissenter (Gab's new browser).

Torba said he doesn't understand the controversy: "The whole point of open source is to allow others to build on existing code bases and bring more value," he said. Brave itself is a part of Google's Chromium project. Fork, and therefore benefit a lot.

Open source projects have always been forked, and GitHub will show that each codebase is forked, and the community sees it as a glory. I don't understand why Brendan and others will have an opinion on this.

Eich didn't respond to this, but his tit-for-tat with Torba seemed to start after the Gab founder criticized Brave for using his token BAT, which Tobra called "joke."

Gab's new version of Brave does not integrate Eich's BAT – a cryptocurrency used to reward users who watch ads. Torba believes that this token gives advertisers more rights than ordinary users.

In our opinion, being a browser is an access technology. The original purpose of the web browser was to give people access to the Internet. Today, browsers are becoming a tool for advertisers to reach and track people, including Brave, even if their tracking is 'anonymous'.

Torba said that the Dissenter web browser has eliminated "some unnecessary parts of Brave", such as BAT tokens, but retains the "best part", such as default ads and tracking intercepts and access to Tor.

Preventing advertising fraud, launching a "privacy-friendly" ad network, and giving advertisers more power can't motivate us or non-BAT holders.

Instead, they wanted to create a “free speech browser” and eventually create a “free speech market and app store powered by free speech currency bitcoin”.

Torba said that Gab is primarily focused on integrating the Dissenter browser with the Bitcoin Lightning Network. He said:

We are working with a very influential Lightning Network company for technology integration, but there is no public announcement in this regard.

In the past few months, Bitcoin has played an increasingly important role in Gab's business. According to media reports, the murderer of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre was a fanatic of Gab Twitter, who expressed his hatred of Jews on Twitter. Since then, Torba's company has been struggling. Since then, the company has lost the opportunity to use the crowdfunding platform StartEngine, and almost all large payment processors have rejected it, including PayPal, Stripe and Square. Even cryptocurrency processors such as Cash App, Coinbase and Bitpay are avoiding Gab.

Although Gab is still accepting credit card payments, Torba continues to advertise Bitcoin to his user base as a way to bypass Silicon Valley controllers, who are now using BTCPay Server to handle cryptocurrency payments.

The company, as Thor said – has been in the “Silicon Oligarchic War” since its inception in 2016, and now developing its own web browser may be seen as a start to take the offensive: in addition to offering its own products, the Dissenter browser Clearly target Silicon Valley companies, cut off their access to user data and advertising revenue.

Creating a browser that is not controlled by Silicon Valley, including Brave, is inspiring for us and our users.

Brave's Eich said he doesn't think anyone will use Gab's browser: "Who needs another browser to load extensions?"

Sounds very reasonable. But we can also ask, "Who will use Gab on Twitter?"