Blockchain is used for the first time to gather the five blessings: What is the experience of “blessing” sharing on the chain?

Source: Ant Blockchain

New Year arrives, Alipay gathers five blessings. The circle of friends and Weibo were overwhelmed by various fancy sweeps: "Fu," "Fuzi," and "Fuzi pictures," occupying the top three of the Baidu search index; Jack Ma's "Fu" was launched less than a day, and was swept by netizens by 1.5. Million times.

This year, Ant Blockchain joined the five-blessing camp for the first time —Xinhua News Agency ’s national brand project combined with Alipay, combining popular blockchain technology with Fu culture heritage: From January 17th to 24th, Alipay ’s “New Year's blessing headlines” In H5, all people find the word “blessing” to generate an exclusive blessing headline. The affiliate chain can be opened through the ant blockchain to store their blessing headlines on the chain for long-term preservation and sharing without being tampered with. Blessings are long-lasting; at the same time, you can view your own blessing headlines through the blockchain browser on Alipay, so you can get blessed anytime, anywhere.

Within a day, hundreds of millions of blessings were found during the Spring Festival blessing headlines. Many users chose to save their blessings on the ant blockchain open alliance chain. If the place with the most blessings in 2020, the ant blockchain can be counted as one.

So, what is the experience of “blessing” with countless people on the blockchain?

A 21-year-old college student said: Previously, I went to the door to send blessings, and now the New Year is online, and the technology has narrowed the distance. The first experience of the blockchain, the original stored on the chain will not change or lose.
A 30-year-old white-collar worker said: "Setting the five blessings is the taste of the picture, and looking for the word blessing is the picture color head.
Ant blockchain engineer said: Technology is not cold. Blockchain can solve the problem of business mistrust, and it can also enter the public life and provide many warm services, such as subway ticket passage and New Year blessing.

Alipay search for "blessing headlines" / click to read the original text -enter the event page to find blessings-the generated blessing headlines remember to keep the blockchain, blessed for a long time.