International Counter-Terrorism Institute finds a Bitcoin address used by Hamas for fundraising

According to the Jerusalem Post, the International Counter-Terrorism Research Institute (ICT), a non-profit organization based in the Israeli city of Dharma, reports that Hamas has recently found a new way to raise funds to support its organization. According to reports, ICT found a Facebook page called “cash4ps” that allows Hamas to use cryptocurrencies to send money in the Gaza Strip, with both donors and beneficiaries anonymous. According to a report seen by the Jerusalem Post, experts from ICT found a specific bitcoin address that showed "irregular growth in the scope of activity." Further investigation revealed that the same address served a seemingly legitimate financial website, namely cash4ps. An entity allegedly linked to this Bitcoin address was "identified to operate an account with a banned bank". The Islamic National Bank-a terrorist group previously identified by the U.S. government as affiliated with Hamas-also appears on the list of financial transactions.