Guangzhou Daily: Accelerate the Application of Blockchain Technology and Promote Industrial Reform in the Greater Bay Area

Guangzhou Daily today ’s article “Accelerate the Application of Blockchain Technology to Promote the Industrial Reform in the Greater Bay Area”, the article mentioned that, in combination with the financial technology development goals of the Greater Bay Area, the following areas can be focused on advancing the implementation of blockchain technology Applications: First, cross-border trade, to establish a standardized industry-wide blockchain trade financing platform in the Greater Bay Area; second, cross-border payments. The payment and settlement process is a typical multi-center scenario, which has a high degree of matching with the characteristics of the blockchain. The third is supply chain finance. Blockchain technology and supply chain finance can be deeply integrated to provide financing convenience for small and medium enterprises upstream and downstream of core enterprises. Fourth is the network economic structure. Blockchain has the potential to change the structure of the network economy. Makes many new networks and business models possible; fifth is capital flow management. Blockchain technology can be used to create a permit value transfer system that handles capital controls.