Binance US CEO: Binance Open to Online Tokens

Binance US CEO Catherine Coley recently stated in a podcast that Binance US only supported 7 token transactions when it launched in September 2019, but increased to 27 within the next 100 days. Currently the platform is exploring the possibility of launching about 20 (or 18) tokens. Coley said that one of Binance's benefits is that it is open to providing a variety of token products. He added that, although Binance US also believes in providing users with freedom of choice, the exchange operates "under the understanding of US regulation" and therefore follows a digital asset risk management framework. The online token evaluation process is cumbersome. She pointed out that the platform first evaluates whether the token is a security. Then, from a community perspective, evaluate whether the token will bring US user growth and whether it belongs to the project of the target US user.