Financial One Account, Lu Yifan: No block framework can achieve low latency, and has been used in commercial applications such as Tianjin Port

According to financial reports, Lu Yifan, general manager of Ping An Finance's Blockchain business department, said in an interview that at present, OneNote has been able to achieve an average single-chain throughput of 15,000 at 6 cores and 2.3 GHz, and at 24 cores In the 2.3Ghz environment, 50,000 throughput is achieved, and the delay time is less than 0.01 second, which benefits from the "blockless BFT" framework. Blockless frameworks still rely on consensus algorithms. There is only one transaction per block, and the throughput decreases slightly, but it can be exchanged for speed without delay. At present, this technology has been implemented in large-scale commercial applications such as Tianjin Port, and the super ledger and some new public chains (such as iota and other DAG series public chains) are also trying to do this, but have not yet reached large-scale commercial use. standard.