People's Post and Telegraph: Into 2020, blockchain technology will continue to be optimized

The People's Post and Telegraph published an article "Blockchain: Farewell to Impetuous Deep Cultivation Application" today. In the article, it is mentioned that entering 2020, driven by policies, with the attention of various industries and the entry of leading technology companies, blockchain technology It will continue to optimize and integrate innovation with various technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data. At the same time, unified technical standards and perfect governance mechanisms will promote the creation of richer applications by the blockchain to achieve healthy and sustainable development. As enterprises such as Ali, Tencent, and SF have entered the blockchain, the currency speculation in the blockchain has gradually subsided, and a variety of industry applications, mainly in the financial field, have been developed. With the support of policies, the blockchain will also move towards deep water, generating large-scale production-level applications with daily active users of more than 10 million.