Winter night road, there is light at the end-Babbitt's annual inventory and column author's 2020 outlook

2019 has passed, what have you got? Or are you missing something? What did you leave, and what did you say goodbye to at the same time?

Everyone's annual memories are different, but we may be able to borrow the choices, observations, and preferences of a group of people to try to paint a larger picture.

I. Looking back on 2019

What topics are most heatedly discussed in Babbitt in 2019? Which keywords attract the attention of Babbitt readers? Which words and thoughts impressed everyone the most?

Thank you to everyone who opened Babbitt. With each click, you are silently affirming us in the search for the optimal solution of the blockchain content ecology.

Please check this "Babbitt Annual Content Report 2019" and relive the real moments we all remember.

1.Top 10 topics for Babbitt 2019

X-1 2.Top 10 keywords for Babbitt 2019

In the past year, the top ten keywords that Babbitt received most readers' attention are: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Exchange, Libra, Central Bank Digital Currency, Stablecoin, Regulation, Industrial Blockchain .


3.Top 10 Hot Articles of Babbitt 2019

After Vitalik proposed the blockchain "marriage plan", what do industry people think?

Former Vice President of Bank of China Wang Yongli: BTC completely violates the logic of currency development

Satoshi Nakamoto Roundtable will increase the total amount of bitcoin

Babbitt Exclusive | Shanghai launches virtual currency exchange investigation and rectification action, what do people in the industry think?

Exclusive 丨 A certain currency circle funds burst, more than 2100 people set foot on the road to rights protection

Bitcoin transfer advantages are once again highlighted! Whale transfers $ 468 million for only a few hundred dollars

DEX can still play like this? Binance announces launch of BTCB, an anchor for BTC

Beyond the original chain sidechain opens the global recruitment of consensus nodes, and Changzheng describes the world view, current status and future of the bethan chain sidechain

"Ten years of Bitcoin" has blown the entire currency circle, and it's time to get to know BTC again!

Foresight 2020

We would also like to thank all of Babbitt's authors and friends. In the past year, more than 12,000 high-quality original articles were published here.

In the coming year, Babbitt will endeavor to hear more voices. This is the force we always admire from the power of "trust."

On welcome, we also asked the representatives of the Babbitt column authors to see what regrets blockchain 2019 has left in their eyes? What is the most anticipated about 2020 on the blockchain?

Full of dry goods, full of sincerity, enjoy ~

2020 Outlook-22020 outlook2020 Outlook-1

Winter night road, there is light at the end.

We are standing at the crossroads of 2020 at this time, and the only thing we can do is to look at the past honestly, just as we have rewritten it to write the future of the blockchain.

Come on, 2020!