Molecule Catalyst launches first encrypted crowdfunding medical clinical research project, plans to raise 150,000 DAI

Molecule Catalyst, a crowdfunding platform for scientific research using cryptocurrencies, launched the first clinical trial research project "The Impact of Microdose Xeroxibine in a Laboratory Environment". The research funding crowdfunding started on January 16th, and it is planned to raise 150,000 DAI, which is about $ 150,000. So far, the crowdfunding has been completed 2%. The study will be divided into 3 phases, with a crowdfunding amount of 50,000 DAI in each phase. Each phase requires 10 random subjects for an 8-week double-blind controlled trial. Note: Molecule Protocol is a software platform for accelerating the pharmaceutical industry. By connecting scientists, patients, and the pharmaceutical industry, it promotes scientific research and drug development in an open and collaborative market. Molecule Catalyst is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to scientific research using cryptocurrencies.