Q1 Dapp Market Analysis Report: Insufficient gambling Dapp pull capability, persistent doubt

Blockchain Chiefs and Rating Dapp, RatingToken released the "2019 Dapp Market Analysis Report". The well-known lottery and game Dapp users are huge and the number of transactions is large. This analysis found that these two categories of Dapp are not only competitive, but also the EOS/ETH lottery games. insufficient. Market-based exchange Dapp benefited from the callback of the digital currency market, and the popular trading Dapp's overall ability to pull new is excellent. The number of new users of the 2019Q1 gambling Dapp BetDice has been decreasing, and it has fallen to three digits in March, indicating that the gambling Dapp has a new survival problem and there is doubt about continuous growth.

First, the macro trend

1.1 EOS monopolizes the popular Dapp half of the country

2019Q1 There are a total of 324 popular Dapps trading above 1w, of which 183 are on the EOS public chain, accounting for 56.48%.

1.2 The number of popular Dapps increases monthly, and EOS popular Dapp continues to be active for a long time.

In 2019Q1, the number of popular Dapps above 1w pens showed a trend of increasing month by month, and the market share of EOS public chain Dapps has remained above 58%. In addition, the number of popular Dapps in TRON's monthly trading of 1W pens fell by 36.62% in February, a significant decrease to 45. Although there was a slight rebound in March, it still did not reach the high value of 71 in January. The reason is that the number of popular Dapp transactions on EOS is relatively stable, and Dapp has been active for a longer period of time than TRON.

1.3 Dapp is in the early stages of development, and the number of transactions is concentrated below one million.

The number of popular Dapp transactions in the first quarter is mainly concentrated below 100w pens, among which the popular Dapp below 10w pens, EOS, ETH, TRON market share is relatively close. As the number of popular Dapp transactions increases, EOS's oligarchic phenomenon is highlighted. Among them, Dapp with a transaction volume between 100W and 1000w, EOS is four times as many as TRON, and ETH has no Dapp with a million or more transactions. There are only 9 Dapps with tens of millions of transactions and no double digits. Dapp is still in its infancy compared to the traditional Internet market with tens of millions of active users.

1.4 The number of new users added by each popular Dapp in a single month is approaching 70w

The number of popular Dapp transactions per month fluctuated greatly, with a 30% increase or decrease. Among them, 107 million in February decreased by 33.13% compared with 160 million in January, and 142 million in March increased by 32.71% compared with February. The cumulative growth rate of new popular Dapp users in the first quarter remained above 20%, and the new monthly increase approached 70w. Among them, 45.82w in February increased by 21.31% compared with 37.77w in January, and 69.15w in March increased by 50.92% compared with February.

Second, the classification analysis

2.1 TRON popular Dapp new user biased serious deformity

EOS, ETH, TRON, all kinds of popular Dapp new users have their own merits. In addition to the popular social Dapp in ETH, the other popular Dapp types are more balanced. EOS lottery popular Dapp new users accounted for more than 53% of EOS's total number of popular Dapp new users in the first quarter. Lottery and game 2 types of popular Dapp accounted for more than 65% of EOS's total number of popular Dapp new users in the first quarter, while ETH was only 31.18%. TRON popular Dapp new users are mainly biased towards the lottery and game market. The total number of new types of popular Dapp users is 70.84w, which accounts for nearly 87% of the total number of popular Dapp new users in the first quarter of TRON. The user is biased to be severely deformed.

2.2 EOS/ETH lottery game class The average new user of each Dapp in the first quarter is generally less than 3000.

Compared with the new users of various types of DAPPs in 2019Q1, it is found that the average number of new users brought by each type of popular Dapp is generally less than 3,000, and the popularity of Dapp promotion is slow. Everyone knows that the lottery and game Dapp with a large number of transactions and a large number of users are not only competitive, but also new users. Except for TRON, the EOS/ETH lottery game class averages the first quarter of each Dapp. The number of users is generally less than 3,000.

Although there are as many as 120 popular Dapps on the EOS, and 27 popular Dapps in the second game category, the average number of new users brought by each of the two types of popular Dapps is less than 3,000. The best effect on EOS is 18 other popular Dapps. Each popular Dapp brings an average of 8038 new users.

The number of new users brought by the popular Dapp on the TRON lottery, games and market is 8338, 22677, 8814, which is the best diversion effect on the three public chains. The number of popular Dapps in risk category is the second largest type on TRON, and 20 Dapps only bring 4.27w new users. On average, each popular Dapp only brings 2135 new users and less than 3000.

Popular Dapps in the market category, the average number of new users per ETH exceeds 6000, and the average number of new users in EOS/TRON exceeds 3,000. This is because the exchange Dapp is divided into this category. After the year, the digital currency price is adjusted back, and the trading users have rebounded. This independent type of popular Dapp has brought more than 3,000 new users.

Social Dapp competition is less stressful. In the first quarter, in addition to Murmur, Sense Chat, and Discussions on EOS, there have been no transactions for Dapp.

Third, popular analysis

Phenomenon-level popular Dapp enters the yellow gambling era, and gambling Dapp continues to be suspicious

In the first quarter of 2019, the number of new DappTOP 10 transactions was 224.5w, of which 6 were gambling and 1 was porn. The phenomenon level new Dapp is generally from the yellow bet category.

HASH BABY is another kind of erotic image Dapp. It is said to be a erotic image website that uses sharing and mining. Users can upload a small yellow map and get praise to achieve mining. HASH BABY's earliest trading time was January 10, 2019. In February, the number of transactions was only 538. By March, it became the Dapp of 10 million transactions, and the number of new users increased from 15 to 8.14w. Successfully occupied the 2019Q1 new line Dapp top.

Compared to the simple and rude behavior of porn Dapp to get traffic and transactions, the gambling class Dapp has done "innovation" in gameplay.

Take TRONbet and BetDice as examples. They are all lottery gambling Dapp, the earliest trading hours are October 13, 2018 and September 20, 2018. TRONbet, BetDice and other dice gambling Dapp are all using hash value, which is the classic gambling size spinach game in the industry. There are mainly two kinds of gameplay, one is the size of the dice, and the other is mining.

When you click the Roll Dice button, a transaction transfer to the TRON/EOS network is initiated, and each transaction generates a fixed hash value. The game takes the last 2 digits of the hash value if the number is greater than ( Or less than the number set before the game starts, you win and get the corresponding odds. Of course, the winning percentage and the odds are corresponding. You can also adjust it yourself before starting the gambling game. These "innovative" gambling games do not deviate from the hidden Kelly formula and the law of large numbers in the gaming industry. In the case of rationality, each fixed winning rate and odds participation, as the number of participation increases, your funds will More and more close to zero. If you are irrationally involved in gambling Dapp, maybe a loss is also possible.

In the first quarter of 2019, TRONbet and BetDice traded more than 4,000w, and the official website traffic exceeded 10w. Among them, TRONbet's official website traffic reached an astonishing 50w, and the number of new users exceeded 2w. On the other hand, the number of new users of BetDice in February and March has been decreasing, which has been reduced from 928 to 928 in January, indicating that the gambling Dapp has a new survival problem and there is doubt about continued growth. Compared with porn Dapp, the continued growth of gambling Dapp requires a constant stream of new users or users with unlimited capital investment, plus the world's countries have strong restrictions on gambling or prohibit legal provisions, which is also doomed to gambling Dapp It is difficult to become a profitable product with a million active users.


Appendix: 2019Q1 ETH/EOS/TRON DAPP Ranking Top50

1. The above data does not filter the same user to make new attempts in different types or different Dapps. There may be the same superposition effect as the APP market, so the number of new users/new users is new user.

2. Popular Dapp refers to trading 1w pens above Dapp.

3. The data of the release period of this data report is taken from January 1st to March 31st, 2019.



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