Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology: Beijing's 53 city-level departments launch data on the "catalog block chain"

According to the Beijing News, on January 20, the Beijing Economic and Information Bureau held the 2020 Economic and Information Work Conference. Wang Gang, director of the Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, introduced that in terms of big data construction, Beijing last year promoted the migration of 1,028 government affairs information systems from 52 municipal departments to the municipal government affairs cloud, and the system's progress into the cloud reached 98.2%. Beijing has also built a directory blockchain system, organized municipal departments, districts, and data zones to orderly “up the chain”, 53 municipal departments have basically completed “up the chain”, 16 districts have developed a three-level directory system, and a batch of data The representative of the zone will "wind up" first. The city-level directory blockchain has officially "chained" and the online data sharing process has started simultaneously. This year, Beijing will rely on the directory blockchain system to continue to promote the reliable and efficient sharing of municipal government data, and to promote the trial of a regional directory chain.