People's Daily: New trust mechanism promotes collaborative consensus, "blockchain " promotes industrial upgrading

On January 20th, People's Network released "Strengthening the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and People's Online Launch of Copyright Protection" People's Solution "" pointed out that at present, the new generation of technologies represented by 5G, the Internet of Things, and blockchain continue to promote technological innovation Industrial upgrading. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence have brought productivity improvements, big data has made production materials distribution more efficient, and blockchain has changed production relations. With the in-depth development of the blockchain industry, the blockchain has evolved from the initial stage of exploration, mainly on the underlying platform, to the continuous application in the fields of medical care, finance, people's livelihood, government affairs, copyright, and empowering a wider range of entities. The economy has gradually become an important infrastructure for the entire society. In the future, the "blockchain +" model will be used to empower the physical industry, promote the integration of blockchain and industry, and accelerate the development of industrial blockchain, which will become the main theme of the development of the blockchain industry.