Caitong Securities: The company and Ant Financial are cooperating in the aspects of law chain (blockchain technology) and other aspects.

On January 20, Caitong Securities (601108.SH) responded to investors' questions on the interactive platform and said that the strategic cooperation between Caitong Securities and Ant Financial mainly involved financial technology, wealth management, and securities services. In September, The company has signed a comprehensive financial technology partnership with Ant Financial and Alibaba Cloud, and various businesses are also in the process of orderly promotion: 1. Fintech: in the French chain (blockchain technology), artificial intelligence, big data Cooperation in applications and other aspects is being promoted; 2. Wealth management: Caitong Securities Wealth, Caitong Fund Wealth, and Caitong Asset Management Wealth have been launched on the Ant Wealth platform. 3. Securities services: services such as index signals have been launched on the Alipay platform. 4. The financial product sales agency has been connected with the Ant Wealth platform, some products have entered the Ant priority, and some products have been in sales operations.