Broadcast and Television Express: The company focuses on actively preparing to support digital fiat products and services

On January 20, Guangdian Yuntong (002152.SZ) responded to investors' questions on the interactive platform and stated: (1) The subsidiary Yuntong Linka is committed to becoming a reliable provider of digital asset lifecycle management products and services in the digital economy era. Based on the needs of various parties in the advantages of blockchain, financial and government resources and development strategies, we will focus on smart asset services, digital supply chains, digital government, and smart IoT construction, and build platform, strategic cooperation, resource and benefit sharing as the ties, and make every effort Create a "blockchain +" service ecosystem; (2) The company is actively preparing to support digital fiat currency products and services; (3) Zhongke Jiangnan, a subsidiary, provides electronic security products and solutions for banks, governments, enterprises and institutions. The core products of electronic treasury payment and non-tax payment electronic storage are one of the most widely deployed and most frequently distributed ledger in China.