KPMG Asia Pacific and China Chairman: 1 Blockchain and other technologies have begun to be widely used in various fields of financial services

According to China Net News, on January 17, KPMG released the report "50 China's Leading Fintech Companies." KPMG ’s Asia Pacific and China Chairman Tao Kuangchun said, “Through insights into the global and Chinese markets, fintech and technology are driving the continued development of new financial service models around the world. In the current era, technology is booming. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Technologies such as blockchain, big data, and mobile Internet have begun to be widely used in various fields of financial services, promoting the application of technology in various fields such as intelligent risk control, intelligent insurance, intelligent investment research, intelligent customer service, and intelligent compliance. Upgrade and development. We are optimistic that the development and application of science and technology will continue to promote the improvement of the business model of the financial services industry and the improvement of the ability to supply financial services that are conducive to people's livelihood. "