China UnionPay: Release blockchain service network in 2019; apply for nearly 1,500 patents on blockchain and other aspects

According to China News Network, on January 19, China UnionPay released the latest transaction data. The amount of UnionPay network transfer transactions in 2019 was 189.4 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 54.3%. In 2019, China UnionPay released face-brush payment products. After users' face-brush authentication, users can enter the transaction password to complete the payment. UnionPay has launched the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) in the United Nations Information Center, China Mobile Communications Corporation, etc. to build a national blockchain service infrastructure platform across public networks, regions, and institutions; applications cover In terms of data and blockchain, it has nearly 1,500 domestic patents and has obtained more than 580 authorizations. It is a leader in domestic financial institutions.