Beijing will use new technologies such as blockchain to establish a medical insurance fund supervision and management platform to prevent and combat fraud and insurance

According to the Beijing News, on January 20, the 2020 Beijing Medical Security Working Conference was held. The reporter was informed that this year Beijing will study and propose a long-term mechanism for the protection of urban workers from major illnesses. It is understood that this year, Beijing will optimize the normal warning and cross-flight inspection mechanism to combat fraud and insurance, study and issue the "Beijing Designated Medical Institutions' Medical Insurance Fund Use Regulations" to regulate the source of funds; meanwhile, innovative use of blockchain, etc. New technology, the establishment of medical insurance fund supervision and management platform, three-dimensional prevention and crackdown on fraud and insurance. Du Xin, deputy director and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, told reporters: "Using online big data analysis and monitoring, offline hospital self-examination, mutual inspection by districts, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei joint cross-check, etc. Deceiving security means and resolutely guarding the people's "help money". "