Babbitt weekly selection 丨 Bitcoin hits new high in 2020, blockchain financing wave may be coming

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain.


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The cryptocurrency market is off to a perfect start in 2020. Bitcoin once surpassed $ 9,100, and it continued to set new year highs. BCH, BSV, and some privacy currencies have doubled their earnings. Blockchain industry financing has become active, and many blockchain companies have received tens of millions of financing. It seems that the financing wave is coming. After DeFi has flourished in 2019, this trend is continuing in 2020, and the number of ETH locked in the DeFi ecosystem has reached a record high.

I. Policy and supervision

The State Council of China issued guidance last week, proposing to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, explore the "blockchain +" model, and promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy. Cryptocurrency taxes appear to be being adopted in many countries, and South Korea and Russia seem to be trying to tax them.

South Korean officials: Government considers 20% tax on cryptocurrency transactions

Russian officials: cryptocurrency bill expected to pass this spring, will define digital assets

State Council: accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation

Is fintech "regulation sandbox" good or bad for blockchain?

Malaysia: Regulators publish IEO regulatory guidelines to take effect later in 2020

Will the establishment of a regulatory sandbox in six places in China become the place for China's blockchain financial innovation special zone?

Blockchain and physical applications

"Do you have a dedicated blessing?" Ji Wufu has become a part of the Chinese New Year in recent years. This year's Wufu is different. It adopted blockchain technology for the first time. Beijing builds a directory blockchain system, and 53 municipal departments have basically completed "on-chain". This year, Beijing will rely on the directory blockchain to promote the efficient sharing of government data, and at the same time promote the trial of district-level directory chains.

Blockchain is used for the first time to gather the five blessings: What is the experience of “blessing” sharing on the chain?

Blockchain + notarization sets off a wave of landings, another example in Shanghai

Judicial business integrates blockchain technology! Guangzhou's first submission of electronic forensic opinions

Jinan City officially launched the "Blockchain + invalid resident ID card verification and valid resident ID card information application service" system

The data of 53 municipal departments in Beijing was launched on the “Directory Blockchain”, and the online data sharing process started simultaneously

Third, technical direction

Ethereum 2.0 is undoubtedly one of the hot spots in 2020, and any progress may become the focus of the technical community.

Quick Tour of Ethereum 2.0 Update (7): Phase 1.5 Means Ethereum Says Goodbye to PoW

Is the MEV auction mechanism favored by God V a disruptive innovation or a kind of "exploitation" of miners?

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) officially releases test network, blockchain era of interoperability is approaching

Fourth, investment and financing

In the past week, the financing performance of the Chinese and foreign blockchain industry has been very active, and many companies have completed new financing, including tens of millions of financing. With the blockchain becoming the country's core innovative technology, blockchain financing activities in 2020 are expected to be very active and will become an important financing area.

Zhongxiang Internet won the A + round investment of listed company Jihong, with a valuation of 105 million yuan after the investment

Crypto asset service provider Keystore secures $ 10 million in funding, led by Jianyuan Fund, distributed capital follow-up

Chengdu "Chain Technology" has recently received multiple rounds of financing, counting a total of 10 million yuan, led by Lenovo Venture Capital and Fosun Hi-Tech.

Ethereum expansion research organization Plasma Group transforms into company with $ 3.5 million investment

Israeli startup Atomic closes $ 2.5 million seed round, led by Hexa Group

V. Mining

As Bitcoin is about to be halved, Bitcoin's computing power continues to climb this year, and hits a new high. Bitcoin prices also hit a new high in 2020, and the market shows an upward trend.

Babbitt Original | FPGA Mining Machine is back in the arena, is it really profitable to mine small coins with it?

"National mining pool" enters, Uzbekistan government will not only provide lower electricity prices for miners, but also launch exchange next week

Bitcoin hashrate continues to climb, up 167% over the past year

Bitcoin mining difficulty soared again by 7.08%. In 2020, the halving of the currency has skyrocketed across the board. Is the market halving?


DeFi has become one of the largest applications of Ethereum. A large amount of ETH is being locked into the DeFi ecosystem. Recently, the number of ETH locks has reached a record high. Biyuan Chain formally released the white paper on MOV's stable financial system last week, and truly realized multi-asset collateral.

As the leader of DeFi, how does Ethereum promote the trillion-dollar financial market?

Liquidators: How to make a huge profit on DeFi

Locked ETH hits a new high of 3.1 million. Is DeFi too dangerous?

DeFi's Dilemma and Change

Biyuan Chain released a white paper on MOV's stable financial system, which can truly realize multi-asset mortgage

How does the secret whale "liquidator" help DeFi run smoothly?

Seven, central bank digital currency and Libra

Although the Fed previously stated that it has no plans to issue digital currencies, last week rumors of a "digital dollar" were forthcoming to directly counter China's DCEP. While the People's Bank of China is accelerating the pace of digital currency, Shanghai will actively support the establishment of a fintech company in Shanghai by the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China. Other countries are also following the development of digital currencies, and the RBA has begun testing central bank digital currencies on the Ethereum network.

Central bank digital currency

About the US folk think tank version of the DCB "digital dollar", you need to know these

Sino-US competition escalates, US wants to launch "digital dollar" against DCEP

United Kingdom: Issuing digital currency or plastic notes is a problem

Ethereum becomes the central bank's top choice? RBA begins testing central bank digital currency on Ethereum network

Morgan Creek Co-founder: Rumors Fed Will Announce USD Digitization Plan

Shanghai: Supporting the establishment of a fintech company in Shanghai by the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China


Zhang Yifeng, Dean of China Currency Blockchain Technology Research Institute: Do not think Libra will land soon

Watch out for the U.S. forcibly controlling Libra, where is the path for hypersovereign cryptocurrencies?

Ba Shusong, Chief Chinese Economist at HKEx: Libra will make some economies increasingly dependent on fiscal policy

Eight: Market

The cryptocurrency market is showing an upward trend, with Bitcoin surpassing $ 9,000, a record high in 2020. CME Group has recently launched bitcoin options trading, and market interest has reached a new high.

Bitcoin just hit another new year high in 2020. The next target is $ 10,000?

Bitcoin option fever skyrocketed, trading volume approaching historical highs or becoming price booster

Crypto-derivatives trading hits a new high in the new year, the market may rise due to credit

Will it pull back after the rally? How long can this wave of market last

CME Group launches "Bitcoin Options" on the first day: Bitcoin price hits 2 month high

After CME officially opened bitcoin options trading, single-day trading volume has shaken off Bakkt

Nine: Bitcoin ETF

Bitwise suddenly announced its withdrawal of Bitcoin ETF applications. The outlook for Bitcoin ETF approval in 2020 is volatile. The SEC is still cautious about Bitcoin ETFs and has repeatedly stated that it will not approve until market concerns are resolved.

Depth: How far is the cryptocurrency ETF in the future?

Bitwise withdraws application to SEC, bitcoin ETF approval is hopeless?

Analysis: Why has the US SEC consistently rejected the BTC ETF, and how to promote dialogue between the two parties?