Changpeng Zhao said exchanges can store cryptocurrencies securely, Casa CTO slammed them for Binance hacking

According to U.Today, in response to the loss of BTC by gold supporter Peter Schiff, Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng commented that centralized crypto exchanges can safely store other people's cryptocurrencies, and are even more effective than crypto wallet owners who cannot even protect private keys reliable. However, Casa CTO Jameson Lopp did not endorse Zhao Changpeng, referring to the 2019 Binance hacking loss of $ 40 million worth of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer replied, "Exchanges have better risk management than many people. Obviously, I think people give Bitcoin to custodians for legitimate reasons." Lopp said, "No doubt, experts The team will be better at protecting sensitive data than the average individual. However, it is short-sighted to simply compare the common risk of loss, because it ignores the systemic risk of concentrating funds on several custodians. "