The history of password punk is the history of growth after 90, is the spirit of password punk lost?

The history of password punk is the history of growth after 90 , is the spirit of password punk lost?

The previous article talked about the origin of Bitcoin's thoughts in the sci-fi worldview.

When I was combing this history, I was surprised to find that the development of the password punk and the 90th generation are growing at the same time. It can also be said that the history of password punk is accompanied by the growth history of the 90s .

Today, I will sketch out the ideals and the status quo with my little pen, the minimal history of cryptography, and the calmness and enthusiasm of the 90th generation for the market, and the future worry and confidence. I believe that the so-called depth breadth is not as good as a narrative.

Let's start this journey.


Skyscraper and basement

Cypherpunk password punk, punk is the word of the rock circle, music is casual, pay attention to is a tone. A bit like Beijing's most pointed fruit (Beijing dialect: refers to the best girl) played by the writer Wang Wei is playing the rock fan "smart handsome" , and the anti-mainstream chasing freedom. Cyberpunk is probably this type. However, if freedom is not protected, then the cool children can only be educated by the aunts of the neighborhood committee – this is in the real world, and now also called the offline world.

What about the world online? As with the Cyberspace mentioned in the book Nervous Rover, most of the human behavior in the future will be on the Internet. In the 1980s, it successfully predicted the rise of the future Internet and the virtual world. Component. And the foresight of password punk is extraordinary.

What is the world now? Google, Facebook, Amazon, and the domestic Internet giants have almost monopolized people's lives. All the things that are within reach of clothing, food, housing, travel (pictures, audio, video), etc. are all contracted by these giants, or, It is called surveillance. The cameras and sensors that should have caused people's intensive phobias are all over the world, because they are born, or because of the convenience of life, all of this is unnatural and natural .

When Liu Cixin participated in Gao Xiaosong’s talk show, he said that humans live in the basement of the skyscraper, and there are always people who want to see the world outside . Some people rely on religion, others rely on science, some rely on tea ceremony, and some rely on tempura (such as the god of tempura in Japan, yes, in addition to the blockchain, the village head two old is quite research on eating). So, what are the password punks relying on? You said, rely on punk. Please go right and do not send.


Password punk is of course relying on passwords.

Cryptography is a magical subject, as if everyone is using it, and it seems that everyone does not know, password payment, face unlocking, fingerprint opening is the back of cryptography – "do not know."

The following is a brief introduction to the big events and big names in cryptography. There are some cryptographers in the forum, you can quickly browse, see the fun place to stop, feel it.

Cryptography originated in war, how long the war is, and how long cryptography is.

In the 300 words before the password punk, the history of cryptography is long. There are many ways to classify cryptography in the world. I like the following.

The first generation, the hidden method (such as the Han Dynasty Emperor's clothes belt in the Three Kingdoms period, such as shaving the hair on the scalp, then waiting for the hair to come out, cross the front line to come to you, shaved to show you the letter written overhead ).

The second generation, the substitution and displacement method , is that for example, the 92 position is the village head two old after encryption, replaced by different words, and the other side is confused by the position change; if cat is shifted backwards, dbu is cat, recognize Don't come out, it's easy to know this rule. Then 5,000 years of cryptography has passed 4,500 years. Yes, these rough encryption methods have trapped humans for thousands of years.

The third generation, the Virginia encryption method , the application of complex mathematics comes in, the word "key" appears in cryptography;

The fourth generation, Enige code machine, appeared after "World War I", and it was the time of generation to dominate the 25 years, which was cracked by Turing.

In the fifth generation, the Lucifer system Lucifer is also called the Big Devil system, and the name is relatively easy to remember.

The above is a classical encryption algorithm. Simply say it, and don't start their story. This article is about the history of password punk.

In the sixth generation, RSA asymmetric cryptography was introduced, that is, the initials of the three names were combined. The names of these three people were copied here, Ron Rivest and Adidas Samuel. Adi Shamir) and Leonard Adleman.

In the 1970s ( 1976 ), China was about to reform and open that year, when Punk PUNK, a rock music, was born. In 1982, Leslie Lamport raised the issue of General Byzantine. Although there are problems and no plans, good problems will drive many things . In 1985, Neal Koblitz and Victor Miller, the elliptic curve was applied to cryptography, which is the magical encryption algorithm curve that Nakamoto chose, which is more secure than RSA.

The asymmetrically encrypted private key and public key directly have two characteristics: 1. After another key is encrypted, another key can be opened. 2. A key is opened, and another key cannot be counted. This is the first guarantee that Bitcoin cannot be tampered with.

Time jumped to 1991 , that is, the oldest classmate of the 90-year class in the blockchain field was born.

Suppose I was born in 1990, then the history of cryptography can be written this way.

That year I just learned to walk . (1 year old in 1991), Philip R. Zimmermann released a free mail encryption software called PGP on the Internet. The PGP name is called Pretty Good Privacy, which protects the information privacy of emails. At the time, their company had an employee named Halfini, who was going to work in this magical company for a lifetime. That year, there was another important thing, Hubble proposed "Time Stamp Server Technology" to provide another technical guarantee for the non-tampering of the Bitcoin system.

Later, there was a company in Hangzhou called Time Stamp Capital . I know that this source can be traced back to 1991.

When I was two years old (1992), I started running the cat that was chasing my family. When I walked, I watched the stars. There is a personal Dimson May, this person launched a password punk mailing list organization , providing a communication platform for people around the world who like to have private space and want to protect the privacy of everyone, using PGP mail software. I was only two years old and may not have the opportunity to participate in this mailing organization. I asked my father if it was inside. He didn't say yes or no, just said, can't tell you. Many people with password punk are hidden in the city, you will understand it in 20 years. In fact, the real situation is that I have not had long-term memories before the age of four . These contents were conceived when I recalled the past.

Thus, the password punk organization was born in 1992 . There are a lot of big-name celebrities in punk, such as Wikipedia's founder Assange, such as BT download founder, founder of the World Wide Web, smart contract proposer Nick Sabo, and of course, Nakamoto.

I have been in adulthood, and Nakamoto is not very famous. In fact, Nakamoto is very special. Many of the other masters have avatars and materials. Only Nakamoto has disappeared – or never, ever .

When I was three years old, in 1993 , Eric Xius published the " Psychology Punk Declaration" , which announced what everyone said in their minds: using cryptography to protect personal network privacy . Because freedom and privacy are inseparable, free to browse information and collect information, but unconsciously, privacy has gradually disappeared.

The password punk organization, which appeared in the early days of the birth of the Internet, foresees the future world. Three years later, a Chinese ran to the United States to see the word "beer" on the keyboard (1995) at a friend's house. I think this will definitely change the world. In fact, he does not know, he saw the password for the next 20 years. Punk saw something farther .

The Chinese is called Ma Yun. Many people later knew him. He and my dad are almost the same age, they are all people in the 1960s, he has a platform, many people like to call his father. I don't, because I am a password punk who has not entered the password punk organization. There are many people like me in the world. We are a bit of a little exercise.

The characters in the history of cryptography are almost all password punk members.

In 1993 , when I was 3 years old , that was the early prototype of the workload proof that year, it was not called PoW at that time. I waited until we were 9 years old to have the word PoW.

In 1997 , when I was 7 years old, I had already gone to elementary school to recite Tang poetry and the 99 multiplication table. At that time, a man named Adam Baker invented the hash cash, but the hash cash was mainly used to resist spam. When I was 7 years old, I still don't know what is called e-mail. The domestic computer resources in China are still very scarce.

In 1998 , another great god appeared in the second grade (or third grade) of my elementary school, Dai Wei, invented B-Money. The design of B-money has proposed a public key private key similar to bitcoin transfer. Mechanisms and broadcast mechanisms, though imperfect, are very creative, like drafts of Bitcoin. Therefore, many people have always believed that David is Nakamoto, and he did not recognize it. Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, pays tribute to David, so the unit of ETH transfer or fuel cost is the name of Dai Wei.

In 2005 , I was in the third year of the year. Harfini proposed RPOW, which is a reusable proof of workload. When Nixabo invented Bitt Gold, it once again approached the final victory, using RPoW.

In 2008 , I was just 18 years old, and I was admitted to college. I am thinking about how to find a girlfriend and get to know the mysterious species of women. In the corner of the world, on the secret network, Nakamoto published a Bitcoin white paper.

In 2009 , Bitcoin open source code was released and started running. There was no one in the sophomore year , or few people in Beijing colleges knew Bitcoin. In fact, very few people in the world know.

In 2012 and 2013 , only my classmates and friends learned about the magical species of Bitcoin. I went abroad to study, and only a very small number of people know Bitcoin. The smartest computer expert among Beijing classmates, when playing computer On the "Master Lu" interface, a word jumps out. The general idea is "Your computer is too slow, so it takes hundreds of years to dig up a bitcoin." At that time, the classmates said that bitcoin is awkward? So I learned at the forum and prepared to mine the mining machine. At that time, I found three people. I heard that I had to be two or three hundred thousand to do the job, even if it was. He said that he spent more than 600 yuan to buy 3 coins. A person from the school next door likes to raise colorful angelfish and later opened a mining pond. I don't know him, I only know that it is more powerful now. In 2014, students from North America began mining. This is something.

That was when I graduated from the university after 90 years and was a graduate student.

At this time, the voice of the password punk organization has been much less.


One time node

The password punk organization finally reached a node, which is the end of the previous era and the opening of the blockchain era. Since then, cryptography has gradually become a manifestation, and the members of the password punks have either become princes of all parties, or continue to hide from the public's vision and become a hermit of high mountains and waters.


The blockchain that opened in 2009 has been a decade for many people. For most of the so-called elderly people in the circle, it is only three or five years. Many people who participated in the blockchain project around 2015 are now the earliest in the industry. The "leadership" of the company was approved.

The blockchain changes the world and the Internet is different, because in my heart the branches under the technology tree should be blockchains, and then the Internet; just like I think humans should have civilization before they have war, this is not the case. .

Civilization does not necessarily exist in the existence of any species, and war (or unorganized battle) must exist. Just as for business, privacy protection is not necessarily necessary, and large-scale high-frequency transactions are necessary . Does privacy need to be protected? As long as the penalties for infringing on privacy theft data are lower than the benefits obtained, it is fine. The interests I refer to may refer to the overall interests, and may also refer to violations of others' own benefits. People who understand the principles of economics know what I am talking about.

The decade of the blockchain, just past, I wrote this article is the history of password punk, the growth of password punk password punk contribution to the cryptography blockchain is accompanied by the growth of the 90 generation , which is why the blockchain field There are a lot of reasons behind the 90s. When they came into contact with the blockchain in adulthood , they actually came into contact with another parallel time and space. And the existence of this parallel time and space begins with the birth of oneself.

The history of password punk and the growth after 90 are parallel on the timeline. Children born in 90-95, entering the university, happened to be in 2008-2013, and this time period is exactly the most important time to absorb knowledge after 90 years.


The declaration is still there, spirit?

Emerging industries, passwords, high-tech and other auras have attracted a group of young talents, investment institutions and pyramid schemes (that is, scammers) to enter the market. The psyche punk’s resolute revolutionary spirit, silent technical research seems to Farther and farther away from this circle.

Technology giants are entering the market quickly, and 2015 has begun one after another. And this marginal revolution, can it go on, and the beneficiaries of technological innovation are the people? Is it a startup? Or are these giant companies with resources?

Pushing the time forward for 1500 years, around 500 AD, from the era of Emperor Wu of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the princes fought. "The city head transforms the king flag" and finally fights, or the aristocratic group is in charge of the ups and downs. The hurricane and blood in 100 years is no more than a skirt . When I think of it, I suddenly feel a little sad. Is it the revolution of the blockchain, and the fate of the post- 90s ? Doing wedding clothes for others? Another thought of this one hundred years later (AD 618), Li Yuan called the emperor, the country's Sui and Tang Dynasties, opened a period of prosperity, and some comfort. The giants will be giants, anyway, there will be, as long as Huimin is not bad.

However, I don't want history to repeat itself, and maybe not. Because the iteration of technology is not quite the same as the evolution of political history. Kevin Kelly’s book , What Technology Wants, treats technology as a living being . In my opinion, to a certain extent, the history of politics may repeat itself, but the tree of science and technology is evergreen. Technology is always moving forward, and with a new technology, it will never return to the old era . With a light bulb, it is impossible to read with a kerosene lamp. It is impossible to use a pager with a smart phone. It is inferred that the electronic cash system that can be peer-to-peer will replace the current financial system in the future. Alternative to human driving.

Password punk blood

I have been observing this market with cold eyes, and the liar is a bit too much. The means of financing has cultivated a large number of speculators before the establishment of a good project team. The excellent projects have not yet been launched, which has led to a number of imitators and fake mining machine manufacturers. I ran away and disappeared. After knowing that you have some resources, hand a business card: "Brother, start a plate, this fast", can only smile.

Perhaps everyone in the password punk organization is also looking at the market coldly, looking at this market that is terrible. They must know, because no matter what they grow up, the blockchain is the blood of password punk .

Impetuousness and noisy are all temporary, and one day will be good.

I also worked quietly, like the rest of the 90s that really did things. We are not a blue-blood aristocrat, just a group of young people who are guarding the spirit of password punk. A group of young people who work late into the night do not feel tired. They like young people who drink beer with edamame and cucumber. We just want to lose face to the password punk predecessors.

In the early years, I saw a sentence, " Even if tarmac covers the world, there will be grasses breaking out of the ground ." What is this tar now? It is a power, control and all unfair things. It is a fake project party and a true distributor who has no bottom line to deceive people.

What is the grass? Grass is limited freedom, rational enthusiasm, is a small dream, is a password punk. Also, you and me .

Remarks: You can see this long article, it is not a leisurely generation . Click the author to add me. My name is Murano II, a science man who likes literary history cryptography.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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