Zhu Min: Libra changes the financial ecology, digital currency must be the future

According to Sina Finance, Zhu Min, the dean of the National Institute of Finance of Tsinghua University and the former global vice president of the IMF, pointed out that the advent of Libra (Libra) is a big thing for the world, because for the first time it took this matter (digital Currency). Libra basically raises a micro financial issue to a macro level, because it fundamentally changes the entire financial ecology. In the short term, Libra is a cross-border payment (means); in the medium term, it is an international currency, which will bring a series of shocks to monetary policy and financial stability. If it can finally be fully implemented on the basis of the blockchain supply chain and a fully intelligent platform can do bottom-up transactions, it will fundamentally change the entire financial ecosystem. In addition, he also pointed out that digital currency is the future, and I think this is certain, and a new financial ecology will also be formed. At present, there are two major concerns for digital currencies such as Libra. One is the supervision of issues such as money laundering, the other is the impact of digital currency on the transmission of monetary policy and the impact on the stability of monetary policy.