DigixDAO decides to liquidate $ 64 million worth of ETH to return to ICO investors

DigixDAO has voted to liquidate the ETH from the token sale, which is worth up to $ 64 million. It is reported that Digix conducted an ICO in 2016 and raised about 466,648 ETH, which was worth about $ 7 million at the time. According to two addresses on ethscanner, DigixDAO currently owns 380,000 ETH. The Ragnarok project is a measure to return ETH from the Digix project to ICO investors. The project is independently held by DigixDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that has received more than 95% of the vote. Through this measure, a contract will be executed and 0.19 ETH will be returned per DGD, which is Digix's token. According to a blog post, Digix abstained from the proposal because it did not support the liquidation of the fund.