Longhash: Bitcoin's Liquid sidechain is more important than the Lightning Network in 2020

On January 21, Longhash published "Liquid sidechain of Bitcoin is more important than the Lightning Network in 2020". The article points out that in the past few years, the Lightning Network has caused a lot of hype because it can achieve fast and cheap Bitcoin transactions without sacrificing too much censorship resistance and decentralization. In 2017, SegWit was added to Bitcoin, making payments with Bitcoin a better experience. But few people are willing to pay with Bitcoin. They just want to hold. Due to various issues such as price volatility, tax implications, and general availability, the two main use cases of Bitcoin today are still storage value and speculation. According to data from Chainalysis last year, 90% of Bitcoin activity is related to exchanges. Therefore, the Bitcoin sidechain Liquid, which focuses on trading between exchanges, is a more relevant project in 2020.