View: Bitcoin halving event is a test of core investment theory for the entire asset class

According to AMBCrypto, Matt Chwierut, director of research at Smith + Crown, a blockchain research company, considers key developments in the blockchain space in a recent article that may affect the determination of price movements within a year, such as the Bitcoin halving event. He said that regardless of whether the halving helps Bitcoin's value increase, given the huge influence of Bitcoin in the entire field, this event is likely to become the main determinant of the wider crypto market in the coming year. He also talked about how this incident has gradually “formed a test of core investment theories of the entire asset class”, especially in response to the collective belief that scarce tools maintained by energy consumption across the country can be used as a means of storing monetary value Accepted by people. He noted that the halving event did not yield 100% good results. The bear market will profoundly shake the belief that cryptocurrencies are ready for global acceptance, and the bull market will strengthen the confidence of those who believe that Bitcoin will face a larger bubble. In addition, a contradictory market will signal people's tiredness of the asset class. He added that this will be a critical moment into a decade of cryptocurrency. He mentioned that the reversal of Bitcoin's dominance would mean an increase in the value of other assets in the field, which in turn would "indicate that the wider application of blockchain technology will bring greater market comfort than Bitcoin itself." This trend will emerge in 2020, and awareness of it will accelerate its development. "The recursive impact that it produces may eventually prove to be far-reaching."