China Economic Times: Blockchain accelerates digital transformation of commercial banks

On January 21, the China Economic Times article "Blockchain accelerates the digital transformation of commercial banks". The article said that although the application of blockchain in the financial industry has taken a lot of detours, the low cost and high efficiency of its distributed bookkeeping prove that as long as it is used in compliance and reasonable, it will be a sharp tool for the digital transformation of the financial industry. People in the industry believe that by combining the existing banking API architecture with emerging blockchain technology, banks can create an efficient and highly autonomous digital ecosystem, adjust their operating models, and establish relationships with customers in new ways, promoting traditional The product and digital business are further seamlessly connected, and the creation of new digital asset products based on blockchain technology. Many commercial banks have also stated that they will use 2020 as a new starting point, accelerate the pace of exploring new applications of blockchain, and use blockchain to help digital transformation.