Member of Shandong: Accelerating the development of emerging industries such as blockchain technology

On January 21, at the Third Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress of Shandong Province, Governor Gong Zheng deployed in the government work report "Cultivating and Expanding New Momentum": to strengthen carrier support. Accelerate the deployment of "new infrastructure". During the year, 40,000 5G base stations will be newly opened, and provincial blockchain industrial parks will be built to accelerate scene applications in areas such as financial technology, e-government, and social governance. In the "two sessions" of Yantai, which ended recently, Chen Fei, Mayor of Yantai, stated in his government work report: Speed ​​up the cultivation of strategic emerging industries. Accelerate the development of emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, blockchain technology, new energy vehicles, hydrogen energy utilization, medical care and health. Promulgated opinions on accelerating the development of the 5G industry, building more than 3,550 5G base stations, and creating a province-wide 5G network demonstration area.