27 blockchain companies' performance forecast last year

Source: China Securities Journal

Author: Liu Chang

As of January 20, 37 blockchain concept listed companies have disclosed 2019 performance forecasts, and more than 70% of the companies are happy. Insiders said that the blockchain has a large-scale application foundation. With the extension of the blockchain to many fields such as government affairs, trade finance, warehousing and logistics, it may start to be concentrated in 2020.

Overall performance is good

The overall performance of these 37 blockchain concept companies is good. Among them, there are 27 pre-happy companies, accounting for over 70%.

Of the 27 companies mentioned above, 10 pre-increased, 1 continued profit, 8 turned losses, and 8 increased slightly. Among them, 7 companies are expected to double their full-year performance in 2019, which are Jin Yi Technology, Agricultural Products, Anjubao, Aideer, Xinyida, UFIDA Network, and Hang Seng Electronics. Gold Securities, Yuyin, Zhuoyi Technology, Maida Digital, Jiuqi Software, Guangbo, Philips and Zhongyuan are expected to turn around in 2019. While Huijin shares are expected to continue to profit in 2019, Inspur Information, Meiyingsen, Xinchen Technology, Zhongke Software, Huayu Software, Quanzhi Technology, Hongxiang Shares and Netac Technology are expected to increase slightly in 2019.

The CITIC Securities Research Report pointed out that the overall blockchain industry is still in the early stages of infrastructure construction, and industry leaders, information technology companies, and technology giants that are deploying blockchain technology are expected to enjoy dividends. It is recommended to pay attention to leading companies that have a certain technical reserve and can apply the technology to their industry.

According to the data, the Hang Seng electronic blockchain technology has been applied in the fields of electronic depository, information disclosure, digital asset trading, supply chain finance, and investment and financing. Aerospace Information has formed a "1 + 4 + N" blockchain technology and product system, supported by four major application platforms: a blockchain data sharing platform, an electronic certificate storage platform, a data security management and control platform, and a quality traceability platform. Solutions have been formed in the fields of taxation, government affairs, people's livelihood, finance, and military industry.

Industry applications are expected to accelerate

According to the domestic blockchain information service filing list released by the China Cyber ​​Security Office, a total of more than 500 service projects have been selected, and projects of Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, Huawei, and related banks and listed companies have been registered.

On January 14, 2020, the Ministry of Commerce and other 8 departments issued "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Service Outsourcing", and proposed that by 2035, the average annual output value of China's service outsourcing employees will reach the world's leading level. Support the development of information technology outsourcing, and include the research and development and application of information technologies such as cloud computing, basic software, integrated circuit design, and blockchain into the support scope of national science and technology plans (special projects, funds, etc.).

The "Guide Opinions on Supporting Deepening Reform and Innovation of National New Districts and Accelerating the Promotion of High-quality Development" recently pointed out that accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, exploring the "blockchain +" model, and promoting the blockchain and the real economy Deep integration.

Guohai Securities predicts that 2020 will be a year of centralized landing of blockchain applications, and the alliance chain will become the main landing method. As the blockchain matures in terms of performance, ease of use, and operability, it will be able to support larger-scale commercial applications.

Judging from the current situation, in the medical, Internet of Things, identity authentication, gaming and other related fields, application cases of experimental nature of blockchain continue to emerge. On the corporate side, State Grid released the top ten application scenarios of blockchain, China Construction Bank explored the "blockchain + trade finance" technology, and China Mobile and UnionPay deployed a blockchain service platform.

Guosheng Securities said that the application of the blockchain industry is expected to accelerate, especially in application scenarios such as financial services, electronic invoices and payments, electronic authentication and copyright services, and government affairs.