Haitong Securities: A-share blockchain sector may become a market hot spot, and investors can make layouts based on their industrial chain

According to the first financial news, Haitong Securities said that according to historical data, in the past two decades, the market has a probability of up to 77.5% in the 10 trading days before and after the Spring Festival, and investors are advised to hold shares appropriately. In other respects, the General Office of the State Council recently issued guidance on supporting the deepening of reform and innovation in national-level new areas and accelerating the development of high-quality development. Opinions proposed to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and explore the "blockchain +" model. Therefore, the blockchain sector is expected to continue to be a market hotspot in the future. Investors can make effective layouts according to the blockchain's industrial chain. The upstream of the blockchain includes the basic layer and the platform layer, and the midstream includes the interface layer, external interaction layer, Presentation layer; downstream is dominated by blockchain applications.