Viewpoint: Pay attention to distinguish between legally held virtual currency, illegally acquired virtual currency, and criminally acquired virtual currency

According to Wu's blockchain news, some virtual currency buyers recently reported that their bank cards were frozen. A lawyer's remarks on Weibo that "you are deceived when buying bitcoin; you are deceiving others by selling bitcoin, of course, suspected of violating the law and crime" have also caused a lot of heated debate. In response, Wu said that the blockchain issued a document saying that China is currently cracking down on illegal fund-raising activities or related criminal activities under this name. But for daily transactions, after all, the daily transaction volume is too large, and it is impractical to completely prohibit it. But this is not directly related to the nature of the behavior. It is very difficult to buy or sell virtual currency without cheating. However, it is still necessary to distinguish between legally holding virtual currency, illegally obtaining virtual currency, and criminally obtaining virtual currency.