Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer: Lightning Network and Liquid are only blockchains and do not generate new cryptocurrencies

According to CoinGape, Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow said that the breadth of the current Bitcoin network has strengthened Bitcoin's value system. Using Bitcoin's network, Blockstream's Liquid sidechain and Lightning Network (LN) can bring privacy, scalability, and speed to Bitcoin transactions. Furthermore, one of the most interesting aspects of these two solutions about Bitcoin is that no new "cryptocurrency" was produced. The Liquid network has become the side chain of USDT and BTC. It still has Bitcoin but exists in another form, Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC). In addition, the Lightning Network is not the 'blockchain itself', but a network that provides instant and almost free transactions. Mow explained the difference between the two and emphasized that both are important. The Lightning Network provides a settlement layer for payments, while Liquid is more oriented towards exchanges and financial services.