Encrypted currency reproduces madness: capital inflows, blockchain sector has risen 60% this year

On April 2, Bitcoin rose sharply in the short-term, and it rushed to the US$5,000 mark. The daily increase once expanded to 19%, which was a big increase of 800 US dollars from the low point of the day. This price also hit a new high since the end of November last year. Driven by the Bitcoin market, the blockchain segment of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose again on the 2nd, Xinchen Technology rose 8%, and Xuanya International rose 6%. New China and Zhuoyi Technology have strengthened.

Crazy bitcoin is back?

On April 2, the world's largest cryptocurrency bitcoin price rose by nearly 16% in the afternoon. According to the CoinMarketCap data of the global currency price website, the price of bitcoin rose from 4,196.27 USD at 12:29 on the day to 4,484.46 USD at 13:29, the highest point in 4 months.

As the currency price rises, the market value of Bitcoin also rises sharply. CoinMarketCap data shows that Bitcoin's market value rose by $12.55 billion within 24 hours, from $72.9 billion to a maximum of $85.45 billion, the highest level since November 22, 2018.

In the mainstream digital currency, the litecoin rose by more than 10% in 24 hours, reaching US$66.97, an increase of 10.26%. The remaining digital currencies also showed a general increase, with Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and British Dollars (BNB) increasing by 5.78%, 7.18% and 7.38% respectively.

Analysts said that this bitcoin breakthrough is significant because it is the first time since March last year to break the 200-day moving average.

Some analysts said that this may be related to the market expectation that the US will pass the Bitcoin ETF. According to media reports, the US Securities and Exchange Commission unexpectedly announced the approval of two Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to go public.

Blockchain block staged the tide

On the 2nd, the concept of A-share blockchain continued to open, and Anne shares, easy-see shares, business wins global, accurate information, Zhongyuan shares, and Royal Bank shares continued to open at the daily limit.

Since the beginning of this year, the blockchain index has risen by 62.95%, and it has risen by 10.06% in the past five trading days, especially in the past two trading days. From the perspective of the turnover of the sector, the volume of the trading volume in the past two trading days was also obvious. On March 28, the turnover of the blockchain sector was 12 billion yuan, and on March 29, it reached 15.6 billion yuan. On April 1, it reached 204.5. 100 million yuan. The enlargement of the turnover means that the entry of funds is obvious. On April 1, the number of stocks in the blockchain sector increased significantly.

On March 31, the National Internet Information Office released the first batch of 197 blockchain information service names and filing numbers, including blockchain products of Baidu, Jinshan, Aiqiyi, Ant Financial and other enterprises. Analysts said that after three years of warm-up, the blockchain industry has re-entered the healthy growth, optimistic about the development direction of blockchain technology, and the combination of industry is expected to create real value.

Guosheng Securities analysts said that the blockchain industry has entered the application stage, and there are three major changes worthy of attention: First, the encryption token financing is no longer enthusiastic, the industry pays more attention to the application landing, the supervision continues to follow up; the second is the alliance chain. The array, in the low-key pragmatic landing; the third is the global giant represented by JP Morgan Chase, Facebook, Samsung Electronics to accelerate the "winding", and actively lay out the blockchain.

Guohai Securities said that in 2019, it will usher in the first year of commercial application of blockchain. First, blockchain technology has matured in terms of performance, ease of use, and operability, and can support large-scale commercial applications. Second, blockchain laws, regulations, and regulatory systems are gradually improved. This filing is beneficial to blockchain. The overall development of the industry, blockchain technology has taken the first step of standardization, more and more enterprises can be applied regularly. I am optimistic about the blockchain's application in the areas of supply chain finance, copyright protection, legal deposit and other fields, and we are optimistic about the blockbuster platform technology service providers with independent controllable.

(Text: Tianfu Morning Post reporter Leng Hongwei; Source: Sichuan Online)