BlockFi CEO: DeFi cannot reach traditional centralized business scale, and institutional admissions are difficult

BlockFi CEO Zac Prince said in a recent interview that although DeFi has the potential to make it accessible to anyone in the world, its size is always only a small part of the concentration of players: "I think we will not Centralized exchanges are starting to approach the size of traditional centralized exchanges. In this area, we will not see a decentralized lender reaching the size of a traditional centralized lending company. "Prince further explained," This model There were some inefficiencies. "He also said that building a platform on Ethereum meant" running slowly, "adding that there would be technical difficulties. Prince added that it would be "very difficult" for institutional investors to participate in this particular area, and that it would be "unable to scale up" without the participation of institutional investors and that the platform would not be able to provide the best rates.