BitMEX Research claims BSV experienced non-consensus chain split, founding chairman of Bitcoin Association says it doesn't understand how Bitcoin works

According to AMBCrypto, BitMEX Research has once again become the focus of news after Twitter announced that BSV has undergone a non-consensus blockchain split. BitMEX Research stated that "BSV today has a non-consensual chain split with a length of 2; it occurred between 14:36 ​​and 14:51 UTC on January 20th." The AMBCrypto article states that as of press time, it is difficult to see this Does the split itself have any effect on the price of BSV. Jimmy Nguyen, the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Association, commented that BitMEX Research once again proved that he does not understand how Bitcoin works. Satoshi Nakamoto stated in the Bitcoin white paper that most decisions are represented by the longest chain, which puts the largest proof of work.