Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau: 2020 will explore the development of financial electronic bill blockchain

According to Xinhua News, on January 21, at the Beijing Finance Working Conference, Wu Sufang, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, said that in 2019, Beijing will organize relevant departments and districts to actively participate in the pilot online reimbursement of travel electronic vouchers to promote non-governmental travel. Tax revenue online payment, while vigorously promoting the reform of fiscal electronic bill management, the city's road parking charges are fully applied fiscal electronic bills, and achieved significant results. Wu Sufang said that in 2020, Beijing will deepen the reform of financial electronic bill management, and comprehensively push forward the reform of electronic bills in the fields of education, medical care, examinations, traffic confiscated charges, and public welfare donations, and expand to all types of tickets, in various fields, and explore in all directions Develop the financial electronic bill blockchain application.