What is Freecash (FCH)?

Freecash (FCH) is an improvement on Satoshi's Bitcoin framework. It summarizes 11 years of development experience and lessons of Bitcoin, and upgrades the underlying framework for the existing problems of BTC and BCH. It can be regarded as Bitcoin 2.0. It started operation at 00:00 on January 1, 2020.

The position of free cash is: a freely evolved decentralized electronic cash system. This positioning inherits the goals of Satoshi Nakamoto's "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System."

Due to the refusal of block expansion, BTC changed the economic model of Bitcoin, causing the main chain's payment function to be almost lost. It turned to digital gold, where value storage is the main function, and formed community consensus.

BCH has inherited the direction of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer electronic cash, but in the development faced the problems of decentralized communities that are difficult to effectively manage and the cost of evolution is high, and due to the large scale, some improvements and experiments are difficult to advance.

FCH mainly inherits the code of BCH, its development direction, and the concept of openness and tolerance. It has deployed and implemented improvements that are difficult to achieve on BCH. These improvements made on FCH, no matter the success or failure, will provide a reference for BCH. Therefore, there is a harmonious symbiotic relationship between FCH and BCH.

The technology of FCH comes from BTC and BCH, but the blockchain starts from block 0. The data volume is smaller, the price is lower, and the operation risk is lower. It can allow beginners to experience Bitcoin before 2017 and truly understand what is going on. Centralized cryptocurrency.

Refer to Freecash.org , BBS.cash and Freecash.info for details .