The top ten social science and technology hot spots of Zhejiang in 2019, including "Research on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy"

According to the Zhejiang Daily, Dai Daokun of the Zhejiang Social Science Development Research and Evaluation Center published an article "Top Ten Social and Scientific Hotspots in Zhejiang in 2019", which includes "Research on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Economy." The article points out that the social science circles in the province have thoroughly studied the new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes, such as blockchain, to provide intellectual support for building the "number one project" in the digital economy. Interdisciplinary series of seminars on "Artificial Intelligence and Social Trends", "Cognitive Science and Thinking Development" were held. Introduced a special edition of "Social Science Leaders of Digital Economy Leading to High-Quality Development" in Zhejiang Province; held the third session of the Chinese Economist High-end Forum;