Square Crypto Announces Lightning Network LDK Plan, Will Bitcoin Become Stronger?

On January 22, Babbitt, Square Crypto, a cryptocurrency project sponsored by payment company Square, announced today its first product plan: a "Lightning Network Development Kit" (LDK), designed to help developers integrate Lightning Network Integrated into their Bitcoin wallet app.


In a blog post, Square Crypto mentioned:

"To make Bitcoin a widely used global currency, a currency that cannot be blocked, tampered with, or manipulated, it is necessary to improve Bitcoin's user experience, security, privacy, and scalability."

It is reported that the new product includes an API (based on the Rust-Lightning project), language bindings, demo applications, and other projects that will make Lightning Network integration "simple, secure, and configurable."

Square Crypto noted that the toolkit is still under construction and no release schedule is currently provided, but added:

"Without these features, today's Lightning Network infrastructure is incomplete."

Square Crypto explained that the company considered several projects and finally decided to launch a project focusing on the integration of Lightning Web Wallet based on the needs of developers:

"We talked to dozens of wallet developers and what we heard was their desire for the flexibility of integrating the Lightning Network. Wallets and applications require different key storage and backup mechanisms, security methods, user experience trade-offs, and more . This means that the solution is to build more wallets, not fewer. "


In response, Jack Dorsey, the boss of Square and Twitter, commented:

"Square Crypto is focusing on the Lightning Network!"

In fact, this is not the first time that Square has shown the Lightning Network. As early as last September, two of the three team members hired by the company had development experience related to Lightning Network.

In December last year, Square Crypto said he would also provide funding for a part-time Lightning Web developer to support his work.

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