Academician Rong Chunming: The blockchain system is still based on the United States, China or overtaking

According to NetEase science and technology news, Rong Chunming, an academician of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering, said in an interview that the blockchain is actually the integration of various technologies, but everyone didn't expect it. Many people are anxious to say, what can this thing replace? What is the use? I said don't worry, Facebook and other social media, when you first came out, everyone was not optimistic and was questioned and useless. But to this day, people cannot do without it. Many things that were not previously thought will gradually appear and be applied, which needs to be explored slowly. That's why I said that you can overtake the curve, because there is still a lot of work to do here, new patents, new ideas, new models, new platforms, new industries, everyone can invest fairly and then build Create a new world, because no one has occupied it. We've only thought of some of them, and it's likely that someone will think of something else.