Guangzhou's first financial blockchain electronic invoice is born

According to, on January 19, China Merchants Bank successfully issued the first financial industry blockchain electronic invoice in Guangzhou for home loan customers. It is understood that the bank first contacted the Guangzhou Taxation Bureau as soon as it was informed that the Guangzhou Taxation Bureau was conducting a pilot project for blockchain electronic invoices. After multiple system docking discussions and technical details communication, in July 2019, China Merchants Bank's Guangzhou blockchain electronic invoice service platform was officially launched, marking that China Merchants Bank has become the “tax chain” blockchain electronic invoice for Guangzhou Taxation Bureau. One of the third-party invoice service providers. In September of the same year, the bank's blockchain electronic invoice service platform successfully issued the first catering industry blockchain electronic invoice for customers in Guangzhou. On January 19 this year, the China Merchants Bank's blockchain electronic invoice service platform project once again lit up a new territory, and ushered in the birth of Guangzhou's first financial industry blockchain invoice.