5 consecutive years of decline, can BTC break the January curse?

Can BTC break the January curse?

February, April, May and June performed best. According to the monthly performance of BTC prices from 2010 to 2019, BTC performed the best in February, April, May, and June, with a rising probability of 78%.

The worst performance in March. In history, BTC performed the worst in March, with a drop probability of 78%, and August and September also performed poorly, with a drop probability of 70%.

The monthly rise and fall fell. From 2010 to 2013, the largest monthly increase of BTC exceeded 100%, especially in November 2013, the increase reached a staggering 448%. However, as the price of BTC rises and the market value continues to rise, the monthly rise and fall of prices gradually decline.

Break the curse? Historically, the probability of BTC price falling in January reached 56%, especially in January in the past 5 years, BTC closed down, with an average decline of 16.9%. However, from January to 2020, BTC prices have increased by 26.7%.