People's Post and Telecommunications: Throwing olive branches everywhere is becoming a "weapon" for empowering thousands of industries

On January 22, the People's Post and Telegraph posted a statement that "throwing olive branch blockchains everywhere is becoming a" weapon "that empowers thousands of industries", saying that "food traceability, electronic invoices, logistics tracking, cross-border payments …" Blockchain decentralization, traceability, anti-tampering and other hard core strengths are gradually being tapped. It is no longer synonymous with Bitcoin, but is becoming a "weapon" that empowers thousands of industries. Entering 2020, driven by policies, with the high emphasis of various industries and the entry of leading technology companies, blockchain technology will continue to be optimized and integrated with multiple technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data. At the same time, unified technical standards and perfect governance mechanisms will promote the creation of richer applications by the blockchain to achieve healthy and sustainable development.