Jilin court: the awareness and acumen of the blockchain service court will continue to deepen in the future

On January 22, China's Jilin Network issued a document "Jilin Court Promotes the Deep Integration of" Blockchain "Technology and Trial Work", stating that on December 27, 2019, the Jilin Court applied blockchain technology for the first time in court enforcement. In the future, the Jilin Court will continue to deepen the awareness and acumen of the blockchain service court, combining the practical work of the Jilin Court, with the main line of improving judicial capacity and strengthening internal supervision, and continuing to explore the development of blockchain and other modern technologies in the judicial field. Use it to further broaden the depth and breadth of applications, continue to expand the application scenarios of the blockchain, and extend to both ends before and after the lawsuit to maintain social integrity, strengthen awareness of rights and responsibilities, improve economic efficiency, and promote high-quality social and economic development in Jilin And go all out to improve people's satisfaction and gain.