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In 2020, referring to the blockchain, domestic public opinion is improving. The "1024" New Deal, the central bank's digital currency, and the cumulative number of landing applications each month … all these make people in the chain circle confident about the popularity of blockchain technology.

The mutual chain pulse observes the implementation of blockchain applications in the past year. On the one hand, the number of applications is high, and on the other hand, the technology platform plays an anonymous "behind the scenes hero". Mutual Chain Pulse screened out 12 more representative blockchain technology platforms, including the underlying technology platform, alliance chain, and BAAS platform, and counted the publicly disclosed projects of these 12 platforms in 2019.

The results show that compared with the first half of 2019, the number of landings of each of the mainstream technology platforms has almost decreased in the second half of 2019. However, one of the reasons may not be publicized in some applications. In addition, in terms of the projects that have been disclosed on various platforms, domestic technology platforms have basically divided into three development paths.

Note: Landing applications refer to applications that are combined with the real economy, excluding digital games built on many public chains such as games, gambling, exchanges, and capital disks. This statistic classifies the projects of the same group under the blockchain technology platform where the group's landing projects disclose the most.

Technology platform disclosures decrease, industry sources say more government orders

Combined with the top ten application technology platforms counted in the 2019 technology platform semi-annual report, and the "2019 China Blockchain Underlying Technology Platform Development Report", Mutual Chain Pulse chose to include Ant Blockchain, Thunder Chain, FunChain, FISCO BCOS, One Account Chain, Zhongan Chain, Tencent Blockchain, Baidu Super Chain, JD.com, Huawei Cloud Blockchain Service BCS, Public Signing (now merged with the previous signing), Public Sharing Bits, etc. Statistics on 12 technology platforms.

According to incomplete statistics of the inter-chain pulse, a total of 92 projects were disclosed in 12 technology platforms in 2019. Among them, the most disclosed is the ant blockchain, which includes 24 items that are mainly disclosed by Alibaba and Ant Financial. Followed by Thunder Chain, a total of 12 projects were disclosed. Tencent blockchain disclosed a total of 11 projects. Zhongjian disclosed 7 items in the first half of the year, and merged with Shanghai and Shanghai in the second half of the year. In 2019, Zhongshao and Shanghai signed a total of 9 items. In addition, FunChain, Ping AnYiChain Chain, Jingdong Zhizhen Chain, FISCO BCOS, Baidu SuperChain, ZhongAn Chain, Huawei Cloud Blockchain Services, and Zhongxiang Bit respectively disclosed 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 project.

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In the second half of the year, the number of ant blockchain application landings increased significantly, with a total of 14 disclosures, an increase of 40% over the first half of the 10. The Ping An Yi Chain has no new disclosure of landing applications in the second half of the year. Taken together, 57 projects were disclosed on the 12 platforms in the first half of the year, and only 35 in the second half of the year.

However, the mutual chain pulse statistics of publicly disclosed projects throughout the year of 2019, a total of 408 landing projects were disclosed globally in the first half of the year, and 437 items were disclosed in the second half of the year, a slight increase. At the same time, after the "1024" new policy, government procurement intentions have increased. Many blockchain technology service companies have disclosed to Interchain Pulse that recent government consulting and training activities have increased. In addition, there are still some government and state-owned enterprise projects under construction. Publicly disclosed, but has been applied. Therefore, in the second half of the year, the number of landing applications on the technology platform increased slowly, or the number of cooperation projects with the government and state-owned enterprises increased, and the disclosure review process was more complicated, so the number decreased.

Among the 12 technology platforms announced in 2019, the number of projects with private enterprises is the largest, with a total of 51, accounting for 56%. Second, government departments, public institutions, and state-owned enterprises are the focus of cooperation, with 20, 10, and 3 respectively.

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From the perspective of landing, government affairs and finance are still the focus of landing, with 18 and 17 projects respectively. 16 projects have been implemented in the fields of social services and public utilities, both of which are key deployment areas of the head technology platform.

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Three paths for the application of the technology platform

Based on the application of each platform, the development of current technology platforms can basically be divided into three paths: One is represented by Thunder, a technology company in the ALL IN blockchain, which can provide blockchain technology for multiple industries and scenarios Services to promote "chain reform" in various industries; the second is the technology giant represented by BAT, which currently focuses on public affairs and government applications, and the blockchain business may not yet be a revenue project for it, but rather to maintain government relations and society Image tools. Third, the blockchain platform, which is represented by Ping An Yi Account Chain, has been hatched from the original industry. The main attack direction of such platforms is clear, which is basically based on the original business.

Empower multiple industries, the most extensive layout-Thunder Chain

Of the 12 platforms, Thunder Chain is the most involved in landing applications, and 12 landing projects reach 7 major areas. Divided according to the two-tier classification system of interchain pulse application, including daily consumption, information technology services, social services and public utilities, finance, social and content, and entertainment. In addition, the landing application of the ant blockchain also involves 7 major areas, but looking at the number of 24 landings, there are many duplications in the application field selection.

In addition to covering many fields, the application of Thunder Chain in subdivided scenarios is almost unrepeated, including food consumption, big data, medical, e-commerce, transportation, insurance, publishing rights, sports, games and other scenarios.

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Among the 12 landing applications of Xunlei Chain, there is also a case of Chinese blockchain technology going overseas. On August 15, 2019, Xunlei Chain announced the cooperation with Thailand ’s Narayan University to build a blockchain medical resource sharing platform. Xunlei Chain's blockchain technology has been applied to more than 490 medical institutions managed by Nari Xuan University in Thailand to upload case information to the chain.

At present, many traditional industry companies are seeking to be on the chain. And if you want to achieve "chain reform" in multiple industries, you first need a technology platform to provide multi-domain blockchain technology solutions. Therefore, when the technology platform broadens the application scenarios, it can also promote the improvement of quality and efficiency in many aspects of society.

Similar to Thunder Chain, FISCO BCOS, ZhongAn, and Zhongjian (signed on) are also actively expanding the scope of application. FISCO BCOS and Zhongan Chain have a limited number of publicly disclosed projects in 2019, but in terms of disclosure, they are also trying to empower traditional industries as much as possible. For example, FISCO BCOS disclosed five projects involving four major areas, including automotive industry, finance, copyright, and public utilities. The three projects implemented by Zhongan Chain are also three major areas of social services and public utilities, social and content, and entertainment. The eight projects that FunCha landed related to the fields of finance, entertainment, energy, trade logistics, and information technology services.

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It is worth mentioning that the publicly signed blockchain disclosed a total of 7 projects in the first half of 2019, ranking among the top three technology platform applications in the first half of the year. And its electronic contract services also extend to the four major areas of daily consumption, social services and public utilities, trade logistics, and industry service agencies. However, on July 31, 2019, Zhongshen and Shangshang Electronic Signing announced a strategic merger. The merged company was founded by Shangshang Signing Electronic Signing Founder and CEO Wan Min as CEO. Since then, there have been no project disclosures for the Shanghai Signing and the Public Signing. In addition, the Shanghai Singing and Signing revealed two projects in the first half of 2019.

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Serving the people's livelihood, "government-oriented" technology platforms-Ant, Tencent, Baidu

Different from the above technology platform. The application layout of Ant Blockchain, Tencent Blockchain, and Baidu Blockchain all have obvious biases-most of them are government affairs and social services.

In 2019, the Ant Blockchain landed a total of 7 government projects and 5 applications in social services and public utilities. The most commonly used products in government affairs are judicial and tax bill products. For example, in November 2019, we cooperated with colorful investment to build judicial blockchain products. In August 2019, under the guidance of the Supreme People's Court, we established a unified judicial blockchain platform … In terms of social affairs, Ant has developed products for medical and education. .

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Similarly, of the 11 disclosure projects of the Tencent blockchain, 5 belong to government applications and 2 belong to social service and public utility projects. For example, on December 25, 2019, the Tencent Blockchain launched a credible education digital identity education card product for the Ministry of Education, and on December 2, 2019, it set up an auxiliary support service project for intellectual property law enforcement for the Shenzhen Municipal Government …

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Among the four Baidu projects, two serve government departments and agencies, such as the blockchain judicial arbitration system established for the Qingdao Arbitration Commission, and the "China Netcom Law Chain" smart credit ecosystem launched on the Guangzhou Internet Court. Baidu also cooperates with China Copyright Protection Center to launch copyright services for it.

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From the perspective of revenue, these government and public welfare projects are difficult to achieve considerable profits, but they are of great benefit to the improvement of corporate social image. Ant, Tencent, Baidu and other "not bad money" major factories are currently focusing on such businesses or placing blockchain technology in a strategically assisted position without requiring fast revenue.

Relying on existing businesses to quickly attack-Jingdong, Ping An

There is also a type of technology platform that relies on the incubation of existing companies and businesses, and its applications are currently closely linked to the original business of the main company.

The landing application of JD blockchain has the characteristics of relying on its e-commerce business. Of the six applications launched in 2019, four projects are related to traceability, including tea traceability, black pig breeding traceability, e-commerce traceability system construction, and pharmaceutical traceability. The main disclosure bodies are JD Group and JD.com.

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Ping An One Account Chain landed 7 projects in the first half of 2019, ranking the third in the first half with the public signature, but it did not disclose any projects in the second half of the year. Ping An One Account has been listed in the United States on December 13, and there are no new applications in 2020 after listing. In terms of its applications, on the one hand, there are more trade finance projects, and on the other hand, there are projects that serve existing businesses within the group, such as upgrading the "Time Bank" of the Ping An Volunteer Association. "Real estate integrated service platform" for blockchain technology.

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In addition, the pulse of the inter-chain also counts the applications disclosed by Huawei's blockchain and Zhongxiang Bit. Huawei disclosed a government project and a financial project in 2019. Among them, the application of Beijing's directory chain for government affairs projects has a significant effect. At the 2020 Economic and Information Work Conference held on January 20, 2020, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology revealed that there are already 53 municipal departments in Beijing's directory blockchain system Complete "Winding". In 2020, Beijing will rely on the directory blockchain to promote the efficient sharing of government data, and at the same time promote the trial of district-level directory chains.

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Zhongxiangbit also disclosed a project in 2019, namely, the strategic cooperation with the China Banking Association to build a "China trade finance cross-bank transaction blockchain platform". Zhongxiangbit said in an interview with Interchain Pulse that its revenue model is to build a product platform for customers and jointly operate the product platform with customers, based on the amount of data and business flow on the platform, in a certain proportion. Perform business sharing. According to data previously released by Zhongxiang Bit, its 2019 revenue of 17.87 million yuan and net profit of 287.3 million yuan are among the few blockchain companies that claim to be profitable.

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The current landing strategies of different technology platforms are different, but it is certain that the technology platforms that are attacking everywhere are making the application of blockchain more mature.

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