Kraken's BTC fell below $5,000 before the Bitfinex incident triggered market suspicion

The BTC in Kraken fell below $5,000 before the Bitfinex incident, causing market suspicion

According to ambcrypto, recent fluctuations in bitcoin (BTC) have been around the dramatic events of Bitfinex and Tether (USDT). However, just a few hours before the incident, Kraken’s bitcoin price fell sharply, triggering speculation that the market’s decline was “early leaking”. American cryptocurrency giant Kraken experienced a compelling bitcoin "sell", the price of the exchange's bitcoin fell below $5,000 before the New York Attorney General announced the news, and its price was 25 days Beijing time. It fell sharply around 00:00 in the morning, hitting a low of $4,357. However, there is no specific evidence that there is a correlation between the BTC decline on the Kraken exchange and the news to be announced, but many insiders are curious. From the timeline, bitfinex news was reported by the Wall Street Journal around 5:17 am on the 26th Beijing time. According to data from several exchanges, the bitcoin crash generally occurred around 5:00-6:00 am on the 26th Beijing time. In terms of time, Kraken’s first sell-off occurred before the Wall Street Journal published the report, and before the mainstream exchange’s bitcoin fell below $5,200.